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Miss Wanda
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Likes: Chocolate, pocky, cookies, Roleplaying as famous characters, drawing stuff, writing stuff, laughing at random stuff, especially random stuff that pops up in my brain and makes me laugh out loud and then people are looking at me funny, big baggy clothes, stripes, purple, walking around, reading awesome fanfiction about my favorite characters, making up awesome plots for fanfiction that'll probably never get USED (sorry, guys ;-; ), being BLUNTLY honest, seeing people's reactions to my blunt honesty, coffee with lots of creme & sugar, pepsi, Yoo-hoo the drink, sleeping, napping, resting, and dreaming crazy shit dreams and then telling people about them, telling stories I make up, telling stories about things that happen to me (Totally different!), listening to other people's stories, interests, and problems. I love listening, srsly. Tell me anything. <3

DISlikes: Alcohol of any kind, drugs of any kind, when people shout at you, when people lie, when people tease, being ignored, being poked in certain places (I almost punched someone once at school for it. And I'm not the type that you would ever think to punching people), being bugged while still half asleep, Highschool (NOT REGRETTING EVER LEAVING THAT PLACE), pre-teens and teenagers, burgers of any kind, the whole damn Men vs. Women Women vs. Men sex war thing. C'mon people, we get it. We're "different". So. What. Twilight lovers AND haters. GET OVER IT, BOTH OF YOU. And pretty much the city which I live in. Do not come here unless you plan to rescue me.

Oh yeah, one more thing:


(Don't ask. I'll never tell. c: )

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